Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Blackberry Brandy

I have all the ingredients in and I plan a little play. The blackberries are in the freezer, the brandy in the cupboard and the sugar in the pantry . Mr Grumpy Guts keeps reminding me that I have chores to do and all I wanna do is PLAY. Think I will be doing this much later on - care to join me,

1 kg blackberries
115g granulated sugar
75cl bottle brandy

Lighty crush the blackberries with a wooden spoon before putting into a wide necked bottle and adding the brandy. Leave to steep and macerate for about three months then strain through a jelly bag or you can use coffee machine paper filters which help filter out any sediment and which can then be disposed of. Decant into sterilised bottles and seal - put in the alcohol rack in your pantry/store. Bring out as home-made liquer to your guests at Christmas. Don't want to share - keep it in the corner and have a treat now and then.

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  1. i made that a few years back and it's excellent. Last year I made cherry brandy, and mixed fruit brandy, both of which were popular in this household, especially when there were colds doing the rounds.

    Please note, due to Google not recognizing me, I have had to re-start my blog:

    Jennie xx


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