Monday, 3 August 2009

Catch Up

Hello everyone, sorry haven't been on line to update for a day or two but I went to a very good party on Saturday night and I didn't get to bed until 4.45 a.m. We had a lovely time and it was wonderful playing catch up with everyone. We had strawberries and champagne,smoked salmon, pate and french bread, cooked chicken prawns, prawns and more prawns, cheesecake, black forest gateau, .... there was no end to eat and the beauty of it all was that it was like a pick n mix everyone took something. We even managed to get through three bottles of port between 3 of us! And we never stopped talking. I was up at 8.30 a.m. with a mug of tea in my hand, enjoying the peaceful early morning. My friend's garden backs onto the river - she has a very large four bedroom spacious house. And as soon as you walk through the door its as if the house hugs you - the energy there is so wonderful. I sat under a rose porch just sat on my own quietly coming too and enjoying the peace and quiet of a beautiful garden. Although I didn't get tipsy I was tired yesterday, but just got on with housewifely things and trying to get things sorted. Things are coming together very slowly, but then getting rid of 20 years worth of rubbish is quite a task. We are to have a new boiler in the kitchen and it has to cited on an outside wall, so have had to clear the tumble drier out of the very small kitchen which has lightened up the kitchen no end. Also scrubbed the walls down.

Today have bought new nets for the front room windows which have needed for a couple of months as the cat had made holes in the previous ones. Went to Dunhelm and have bought some Victorian style lace panels and they look good. I am extremely chuffed with them really tidied the windows up.

My Dining Room has two 6 foot pine welsh dressers a corner pine dresser, a chest of drawers which houses my CD collection, a large farmhouse pine table, 8 chairs, an upright deep freeze and a chest freezer. I use my dressers to store jars of regular household ingredients and some of my peserves but am still frustrated with space. There is a large area that would house a shelf unit of some sort above the chest freezer. The other day I spotted a dresser top which matches my dressers exactly so I think I have managed to talk OH in going to get it for me tomorrow. Put it this way it was there tonight so I am working on OH as this would tidy up things quite a lot.

My dream is to one day have a very large family kitchen like Kirstie had in her home programme, but with recyled individual pieces in as well. I believe that the kitchen is the heart and the hub of a home. I already have some little bits and bobs put up, and ideally I would like two big pine fiddle back chairs for the kitchen I haven't yet got. I am not short of ideas and I know what I like, but I don't believe in paying through the nose for things.

When we fitted pine kitchen units to our small kitchen we did not replace the sink unit doors. Now cannot get the doors, so I thought I would get some green gingham fabric and make a curtain to cover up the kitchen sink and also do a curtain or window dressing to go with a blind for the kitchen. Something small but it should finish the kitchen off and tidy it up a bit.n OH is at some point going to paint it out plain white - we had a bright yellow before which was a severe reaction to grey walls for so long, but we did the bathroom out in white and I was well chuffed with it and am going for simplicity more than anything else.

Well must get on have no end to do in the next day or so and am out again on Wednesday for our monthly meeting.

I am looking forward to the full moon as well now that I have a new camera to play with.

Love to you and yours please take care whatever you do wherever you are.


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  1. You will have to post some photos as it sounds like you are getting everything looking tickety boo. I do hope that you got that dresser top shelving to go over your freezer. I have very little storage space in my kitchen (only one double base kitchen unit as we have three doors, two windows and an inglenook so not much wall) but I do have a lovely Larder now, downstairs, where I store my preserves and tins.


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