Friday, 7 August 2009

How Do you Blog

Because my time is limited I tend to have a lot of posts that I have prepared in the pipeline stored on my Dashboard like ladies in waiting already to step onto the stage. I then just post and add bits as I think about them and often just copy and paste into a post or posts for that particular day - it saves me time especially during the week when I am working and especially when I have photographs to download.

Being as a I am a novice blogger, this has been the way that I have come up with to process as much as I can with very little time. Do any of you have tips as to what you do to be more time effective.

Look forward to hearing from you

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  1. I'm afraid I'm no help here, my blog posts take me forever which is why I don't post every day. Usually they are done over a couple of days but I do keep titles and odd words or photos in my drafts if I have a good idea but no time to follow it up.


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