Monday, 3 August 2009

I've been tagged!

Anne from Silver Sewer has tagged me - the first time I have been tagged - thank you Anne. I am not quite sure if I have it right. but I believe I have to tell you about 7 things about me that you may not know. Here goes:

I learnt how to belly dance and used to go regularly to classes until something else I do collided with the dates. But it is good exercise and I would thoroughly recommend it. It is a very sensuous dance and a very creative form of dance, but unfortunately gets a bad press at times by innuendo.

I am a Reiki II qualified - I help people help themselves and stay positive.

I have been a full time step-mum in my time - not an easy job at the best of times and I worked full time through the process as a legal secretary for 8 1/2 years purely doing Social Services child care work.

I am an empath - I tune into people, feel their hurt, feel their pain go through whatever it is with them. I also feel their excitement and their joy I don't just see black and white - I see the grey areas too.

I am quite shy until people get to know me.

I have a wicked sense of humour!

All my friends are shall we say "slightly warped" all individuals in their own right and who are not afraid to be themselves.

Well I have thought - and it has been a difficult choice but I now have to tag 7 people. They are

Kadeea of http://www.consumingthe/

Alleybea of

Elizabeth of

Lottie of

Kim aka Yarrow of

Dannette of

Nita of


  1. Hello dearest PP x thankyou for the tag! I will do that later,hmmm 7 things lol! will have to get my thinking cap on.
    Thankyou for your kind messages about my being not well,it really helps,I am very grateful x
    I hope life is treating you & yours well dear lady
    GTM x x x

  2. Thanks for my tag too. Will have a think about it and do it in a day or so when my brain has done its thinking bit.

    Hope you are well up in the Sunny East.


  3. I forgot to thank you for tagging me :)

  4. thank you for tagging me tricia, i will do this today :o)


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