Friday, 7 August 2009

Lovely Blog Award

Thank you so much Elizabeth - it is much appreciated I understand that the brief is to pass it on to 5 blogs that you thoroughly admire

I nominate:

Rowan is a very spiratual lady I wish I had her peace and energy. Rowan strikes me as a very calming and soothing energy and who is very passionate and puts her heart and soul into whatever she does. I love reading about her little forays to places of interest around the country and about the herb courses that she has undertaken with Christina Stapely. I also love her photographs and the enthusiastic way she speaks about her subject

Jennie aka Bovey Belle http://codlinsand
Jennie is absolutely wonderful and an absolute fount of knowledge I love reading her nature notes and also about her archaelogical forays around the country; very passionate she loves her animals and horses is a wonderful cook and like me loves the old recipes and ways of doing things. Her husband restores old furniture and builds new - I was particularly taken with the blanket chest that he has made recently absolutely artisan and masterful skilled work. My Uncle Jim was a Master Cabinet Maker so I learnt to appreciate hand crafted items from a very early age. I think Jennie is my kindred spirit and although we have never met as yet I think if we ever did we would never stop talking. Keep up the good work Jennie xx

Leanne at Somerset Seasons Dorset days Leanne is pure spirit and all heart a truly spiratual person who sees the good in everything and likes to make things and loves to cook and absolutely adores her animals. There is not a bad bone in Leanne she always sees the good in others. I love her photographs and her stories.

Dannette aka and the tales of her two beautiful daughters(twins) and how she and her family strive to give their family a better standard of living harnessing their strengths to grow their own food and doing this as a family. Dannette is living my dream to have the land to work a much simpler and gentler way of life which teaches its own lessons and bears its own gift. Dannettes journey with her preserving and putting things up for feeding the family by whatever method. Well done lass you are doing brilliantly even though I know at times it is not easy.

And last but not least my good friend Anne from Silver Sewer. http://silversewer.blogspot

Anne is another excellent cook and beautiful needlewoman to boot. Her patchwork is absolutely fantastic as are her other needlework projects. Anne and her husband Edwin also have an allotment which they work together. I am extremely fond of Anne who has a heart of gold a real good sort.

Thank you ladies you are very special


  1. Oh Thank you Pattypan. I see a few faces I know on your award list! We were visiting with Danette on this Saturday a fortnight ago (how time flies). Now I have to try and copy and paste that award . . .

  2. Thank you Patty, and also for your very kind comments, I will have to think of who to pass it on to.

  3. Hi Pattypan!

    May I have an email address for you? I will not give it out, and I don't send spam :-D

    If I could, you can send it to Kadeeae AT gmail DOT com - replacing the AT with @ and the DOT with a .

    Thank you.

  4. thank you for this pattypan! :-)

    Leanne x

  5. Sorry I'm late responding to this - I haven't had time to do much blog reading and commenting recently and am just having a massive catch up session. Thank you so much for the award and your lovely comments.


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