Friday, 28 August 2009


We saw the Consultant yesterday evening and he was very positive very upbeat was confident that they could control the situation with mum and to that end he was involving the surgical team and they were going to put a camera down to find out what was going on. My brother and I left reasonably happy and were able to give mum some idea of what was going to happen. Overnight apparently she has been really poorly and they havenot been able to stop her throwing up. The Consultants have spoken again and have decided that they were going straight in with an exloratory operation and as they put it would have a good look around whilst they were there. The operation was scheduled for as soon as possible although they were awaiting information from Addenbrookes before they could take her down to theatre as they had to check with the specialists there about her medication particularly her anti rejection therapy. (mum had a liver transplant about 19 years ago and is one of the longest surviving patients).

Mum has subsequently had her operation all has gone well and they have found out what was causing the problem. It turns out that part of her bowel had stopped working, the little intestine was also twisted and mum had formed another hernia. The bowel was also poking through the hernia breach and strangulating. They have now got this all sorted out and reinforced the hernia with meshing (mum has had this before). When we went into see her tonight, her colour was much better and despite undergoing quite a lengthy operation she seemed bright and was with it. I came away early so that she could rest. Hopefully from now on in she will continue to improve.

Thank you for your kind words and support it is much appreciated.


  1. Yay! for mom!!! Sounds like a good, strong lady :) Thank you so much for your advice on my comments page, it was much appreciated. Your care and concern brightened my day :) Give your mom a big hug from the blogging world and take care :) ~ER~

  2. I've been away so have only just read about how ill your mum has been, she must have felt dreadful poor lady. It's so good to read that she's had a successful operation and that they have found and sorted out the problems. I do hope that she will soon be back to her old self again and able to go home. Such a worrying time for you and your brother.


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