Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Night Sky

Its getting darker earlier or I seemed to have noticed it more particularly this week. Gently as the sky gets blacker - it seems to have a reflective sometimes luminous quality sometimes green sometimes purple sometime ochre. I love to be on the coast at this time of year to watch the last glimmers of light as the sun goes to be bed on our continent only to wake up on another, and to have that last drink in a local pub before retiring for the night. But it is the stillness of the night that talks to me - I wish I had time to sit to soak it in properly. I love the stillness, just to sit, listen and simply be; to hear the calls of the wildlife, to feel the breeze on my cheek and the salt on my lips and when down near the sea to hear the roll and lap lap lapping sound of the waves as they come in to the beach. The light that is left is impressing an autumnal quality to it already - a little earlier than usual - even nature seems to be ahead of itself with the blackberries out with an early crop already. In the countryside I feel free as though I physically shed a skin like a chameoleon and its as though I can truly breathe - whereas in the city I often feel suffocated

The council seem to have cut back on having the street lamps on full blast, the ones down our street just have a low orangey glow to them and the street appears unlit. The sky looking out over the town also seems to have lost its luminous glare which is a good thing. The darkness is more like that of a country village - but it seems strange - after years of glare the night sky is now more natural. In a country village you quickly be come accustomed to the darkness to find your way about.

I can feel the shift in the seasons there is a silence to their movement from one part of year to another and a sadness - its like saying goodbye for a while to a very dear friend, not knowing if you will see them again, not knowing whether your paths will cross again or whether it is goodbye for good. We have to trust in something we cannot see and something we cannot touch but we know it is there.

Its a time for reflection to put things straight and in perspective and to plan as one as much can plan these days. Sometimes this is painful as we havc to learn to let go - even when we don't want to, but if we truly love the people in our lives, sometimes we have to let go in order that they grow - if you let them go willingly they will often return by free choice somewhere down the line - its the when we don't know.

I think winter will be long this year - there is a dampness to the season already - even though it is muggy and hot tonight - my bones ache apart from the hot spot periods summer has not really been the summer we normally enjoy. I don't tolerate heat or cold too well and I never seem to strike a happy medium. Oh well we have to be grateful for small mercies, things could be a lot worse. Give us to strength to deal with those issues that can be dealt with and the grace to let go of those that we cannot control or deal with. Otherwise you give power to your fears.

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  1. Lovely, well-written blog...I really enjoyed this one. Do you also notice the slightest change in light with the changing seasons? I have always pointed this out to family and friends (since childhood) and no one else notices, like I'm crazy! Well... :) Take care and Blessings Pattypan


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