Thursday, 27 August 2009

Update on my Mum

My brother and I have been to see the specialst today - a very nice man inspired us both with confidence. They suspect that Mum may have a blockage of some sort and are dragging in the surgical team to check her out. She has had various operations over the years so there may be some scar tissue which can cause adhesions and lesions. Mum has also lost 7 inches in height through Osteoporosis; so when they Xray her they are not necessarily getting a clear picture as everything is compressed down and the part they need to examine they cannot get at without putting a camera down. They (the medics think it is highly treatable and that they will be able to keep her stable through the use of drips etc (she had a bad night throwing up again last night and today) and apparently her potasium levels are very low which is why she feels weak and fatigued. At least they seem to be doing something.

I am going to get some tea shortly and then it will be back up to to the hospital.


  1. My thoughts are with you, your family and of course, your mom...stay well, ~ER~

  2. Thank you Elizabeth it is much appreciated. You take care soon.



  3. I hope you receive some good news on your Mum - so often it's much harder for those who are not the ill ones, but the ones waiting for answers and unable, really, to help.

    I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts *H*


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