Thursday, 6 August 2009


Got some wallpaper lurking in the cupboard from that big decoration job. Don't know what to do with it. I use mine for lining the shelves to the fireside cupboard in the dining room. But you can also use to cover note books to put your own spin on and jazz it up a bit. I have also lined the shelving under the stairs with wallpaper to store my bottles of preserves there. I chose a bright green wallpaper and painted the cupboard out in white to make it look lovely and clean.

I have a small linen chest up in the back bedroom which I use as a sewing cupboard. I quite fancy painting it a turquoise/sea green and then lining it on the inside with paper to make it look good so it is both decorative and practical. That is one of the jobs on the list.

You can also use to line the insides of old freestanding cupboards; give them a paint job on the outside and then give them a complimentary lining on the inside. sliding wardrobe doors, can also be covered. Makes nice lining for chests of drawers too. If you rub some essential oil overthe lining for the drawer with a ball of cotton woool and refresh every so often will make you our linings scented from something you had in the house. It is useful for lining larder shelves as well and as and when they become dirty just replace by re-lining the shelf. Then edge the shelf with some cheap white or cream lace and "pretty" your shelves up. You can even use pretty wrapping paper for decoupage or for re-wrapping presents. I always recycle pretty paper.

Today we have a real choice of what wallpapers we choose for our homes whether they be bright and abstract, flowery or something a little more traditional.

Have children in the house who love to do messy artwork or loads of drawing. Buy a roll of lining paper (much cheaper to buy this way) and just roll off as much as you want then cut or leave it whole and roll from the other end in a continuous sheet.

I remember at Junior School we used to make Christmas calendars and coasters from left over wallpaper and give them as presents to family and friends.

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