Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Charity Shop finds

On Saturday morning a few weeks ago the first day off in the week for ages and the day was all mine so I went for a wander round the corner to our local charity shop and picked up some goodies for next to nothing.

I have been looking longingly for the past two weeks at these pedestal candle holders. I thought that they would be way beyond my budget, and to be honest they are not exactly how I want them at the moment, but they have potential. To my surprise and delight the price of the two pedestal candle stands was 97 pence each - they are destined for a make over - I want them to sport a gold colour which will look lovely on the Christmas table. I wasn't sure whether they were plaster or wood, but it turns out they are wood, so I am going to strip them, rub them down and then re-paint them.

I also want to do some dried flower ring arrangements for the top and put a large pillar candle in the middle of each. I thought I would use dried flowers for a removable changeable display to take into account the Christmas season, then I intend to use whatever greenery is available and do a garland swag between the two pedestal candle holders much like the Victorians used to do. I also have a wrought iron light fitting above the table - 5 branch candlebra style, which can also have ivy woven round it. I love all the preparation and attention to detail involved in this sort of planning.

Christmas for me is a different kettle of fish. Its the one part of the year I go overboard with, not too commercially as I buy what I can afford and make the rest. You can still have a very comfortable Christmas with next to nothing. Its about making the best of what comes your way and more than a modicum of planning and plotting. I also think making things comes from the heart, and it is giving a part of yourself to the receiver; it is also a way of keeping you occupied and not bored, and enables people to acquire things that perhaps they otherwise would not have. I think celebrating Christmas this way is much more satisfying and charming, and you can involve the whole family in it.

Anyway still with the Christmas theme in mind I have also picked up a cut glass cheese dome/cake dome. I tend to buy these even if there plate is missing as they don't necessarily just need to be used with cheese. I thought that this one was very pretty and it should be lovely when I have cleaned up with an old toothbrush. If I place it near candles at Christmas it should reflect the light. All for the princeley sum of 50 pence.

Then I found this little flower head vase in the shape of an 0 which should look lovely on the table with said flower heads in as a centre piece for the table - bargain at 50 pence.

And then this big blue stone vase for 60 pence. Will look nice in either with fresh or dried flowers in the dining room.


So I don't think I have done too badly all for about £4.00. These are what I call bargains. They are not everyone's cup of tea but very practical, especially if you realise the future potential with each new piece you see.

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