Monday, 14 September 2009

Ever been frustrated

For the past month I have got very little done in the house because of being backwards and forwards to the hospital and then backwards and forwards to mum at home. This weekend was the first weekend home and I got a little done, and I am getting frustrated at not being able to get everything achieved I want to; other things kept rearing their heads and had to be dealt with. To add to that everything I am looking for I cannot find it all seems to have grewy legs and walked - including my camera. I am sure it is somewhere safe - its just the locating of the same - its needed for a couple of posts that I have prepped - without the photos it will be me babbling on like the proverbial brook again.

Well autumn seems to be really with us already and its getting colder. I am starting to gravitate to a cardigan or jumper here and there as I do feel the change in temperature. I think it is going to be a long winter this year - everything seems that much earlier and there are lots of berries about. Hopefully this Sunday coming I will get a chance to go blackberrying. I am very restless and unsettled as well - I can feel the turn of the wheel the change in the seasons, it is very subtle but it is there and I don't seem to be able to concentrate - I seem to be elsewhere well in spirit if not body- I have so much creativity wanting to escape and yet I am tied by invisible strands on a path that I am meant to tread even if it is not of my choosing. I am tired, a little jaded and looking for inspiration - it will come it always does. Positivity creates its own energy where negativity in all its forms only drains it. I am a great believer in fate, serendipity and being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes things don't happen for a reason but that is usually because there is a better opportunity waiting in the wings for you. Its just a question of faith, patience by the bucketful and waiting until the time is right.


  1. Autumn has a different effect on me, it settles me and I feel full of energy and ideas, it's summer that makes me feel the way you do now. Hope your camera turns up, have you left it at your mum's house perhaps?

  2. I know it must be so frustrating, but just think of the joy when you finally do get your well deserved time to 'potter about'! :-)

    How is your Mum doing now?

    *request- would you consider adding name/URL to your comment verification methods? I'd like to get rid of my OpenID account, but will keep it if needed*

  3. I think part of the problem is that I get so frustrated with things that get in the way like house work as it tends to clash with loads of ideas. Trouble is by the time have done the housework I've forgotten what I'd come up with. Bah humbug. I write things down OH walks off with my pad - I think it needs drastic action.
    My camera has turned up OH had put it in a box and covered the box up with something else. But needless to say tis safe and sound. Mum is doing very nicely had the last of her clips out yesterday. Am going to see her tomorrow night the once weekly visit for me to do the things she cannot manage - like the ironing. We are encouraging her to have a go, but equally we don't want herself doing an injury so are only stepping in when we are really needed. We only have one set of parents under normal situations so its a case of looking after them whilst we have them - its far better than regrets. Kadeeae will try and sort the URL thing out for you. Take care ladies lovely to hear from you both.

    Tricia aka pattypan


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