Sunday, 20 September 2009

Home Made Limoncello


8 Unwaxed lemons
1 litre vodka
250g/9oz white sugar


Begin by carefully taking the peel off the lemons very thinly do not use any of the white pith as ths is bitter and ruins the flavour.Alternatively use a grater to take off the lemon skin.

Combine with the vodka in a kilner type jar with a lid and leave to stand and infuse for about a month the posh name is to macerate.

Once the flavour has imparted into the vodka add the sugar, stirring or shaking daily until it has completely dissolved.

Strain I use coffee paper filters to take away any sediment, and or peel if in strips, decant into screw top bottles and store in the freezer. Always serve this well chilled.


  1. Hello Alette. Yes the lemons should be whole (easier to handle)you use only the peel not the juice. Hope this helps


  2. Interesting, so you don't add any water? Does it come out super strong?

  3. Depends what proof vodka you use. I don't drink spirit neat - I tend to have them mixed with lemonade, and I like this touch of summer in a glass. I serve it with ice cubes and a touch of lemonade with a good tot of the "liqueur" as well. Or you could just serve it neat "liqueur" style. That's just my taste and each person's palate is very different. It may be too sweet for you, in which case if you use the recipe again reduce the sugar a tad after all there is 250g/9oz in this recipe. The other thing is once made this vodka can be decanted back into its original bottle then stored in the freezer permanently - when you need it just take it out pour out a measure and it really is lovely and cold.

    Happy playing



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