Sunday, 20 September 2009

Home Made Pasta Sauce for the freezer

I am very lucky where I live as I have a grocers shop who sells off very cheaply produce that isn't quite A1 condition but still good to cook. Quite frequently Tomatoes and peppers get put into two crates and the items are sold off for 50 pence a bag. If I time it right I can get a lot to make this sauce for very little expenditure. My Nan used to reckon that this type of produce used to make the tastiest of dishes and I am inclined to agree with her.


Tomatoes don't have to be just one type they can be a mixture.
bay leaves
sprinkle of sugar
Olive oil
fresh thyme but you can use dried


Chop the ingredients the tomatoes into wedges and the leeks and onion into fine rings put four or five cloves of garlic in skinned. Put into the roasting pan sprinkle with olive oil and mix well so all the tomatoes are covered with oil. Sprinkle white pepper and salt add sugar and then bury two bay leaves in the mixture. Add fresh thyme crumbled of stalks and then a few sprigs of whole stalk.

Put in oven and "roast" until golden brown then allow to cool. Once cool put in food processer and whizz it all up. Pack into cartons with lids and then put in freezer when filling allow about an inch from top for expansion purposes. When required drag out from the freezer and use in lasagne, as a basis for soup, or a sauce. You can always pep this up with chillies and more onions as well as basil. You could use basil in this recipe as well if you wished.

Enjoy - you at least know what has gone into this

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  1. Ooooohhh, thank you for this, from one foodie to another ;)


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