Saturday, 12 September 2009

More Charity Shop finds

I am in the throes of cleaning in the Dining Room - a good bottom out and I have found these goodies in the drawer, which were not new to me which I found in the Charity shops locally.

First of all there is a tatted large mat with two small mats, in coffee - there is an awful lot of work gone on to produce this. Tatting is one of those crafts that I have never quite got my head around - but not for the want of trying. But I think that it looks really elegant.

Then there is the hand embroidered Christmas cloth, beautifully embroidered on linen. Yet again someone has spent hours and hours on this particular piece. It should look lovely on the table come Christmas.

Then there is a set of two white cotton cross stitch embroidered dresser runners, with two tray cloth mats two round mats and two smaller mats - I think I have the tablecloth to match upstairs - bought separately but yet again what a lot of lovely work has gone into this. I have also found my crotchet jug and bowl covers with beads which by chance go extremely well with this set - the beads round the edging match the cross stitch motif colours.

I love things that are beautifully made and individual.

Last but not least a Victorian Tea Pot Stand


  1. I love vintage linens and these are lovely, like you I've never been able to get the hang of tatting. The Victorian teapot stand is really beautiful, that was a star find if you got it in a charity shop.

  2. Blogger is being a little strange; for some reason I'm not getting updates on all of my followed blogs as I should, some yes, some no. I just saw your blog, says it was posted 4 days ago! WELL, I love thrift store shopping and your finds are beautiful. You definitely have 'the eye'! I must put a picture up on my next blog of the tablecloth and napkins my hubby's aunt stitched for our wedding gift. I have it out as my autumn tablecloth at the moment. Looks like your Christmas table will be lovely with your new tablecloth :)

  3. Yes Rowan I did find it in my local charity shop the tea pot stand and if I remember correctly I only paid £3. It was one of those items I saw and waited to see if it was still there the next time I went in and therefore it was meant to come home with me. I like the faffing around arranging a table for tea or a pot of tea and making things look attractive. I still have and use tea pots I also have a crazy collection of them as well as different sized brown pot ones and herbal ones of different sizes. I am afraid I love beautiful linens,china - just lovely things. I was given by my great aunt's daughter a whitework cotton bedspread topper that her mother had owned together with her sister's crotchet table cloth. Both to me are special as I never knew either of them - my Nan's older sisters. Thats what started me off with collecting nice linens and embroidered items. The china and glassware came as a result of wanting my table to look different to everybody elses and presenting things differently - and at the time I could not buy such nice things new so I started collecting bits and bobs from charity shops - and sometimes I am lucky to match existing items I have up with some more. I tend to cater for a table of a minimum of 12 people, so it does have its uses. Its a win win situation as well becuase I end up with such lovely things and the charity ends up with much needed funds to help others.

    Hope you had a really lovely birthday.

    Take care



  4. Hi Elizabeth

    I have been having trouble with blogger on the feed link to those blogs I follow. In the end the ones that were not showing I cancelled and then re-set. I posted on Sunday evening. I would love toI think it may be due to an upgrade in the software that they are using. Everytime we get an update at work do things start going strange and not behaving. I would love to see your heirloom family table cloth and knapkins. Things like this are so special especially when worked by a family member, especially when they are so skilled.

    Hope you are keeping well my friend

    Take care




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