Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My Evening

Well its been a busy old day, and today have been to see my mum - we have tea together fish n chips or chicken and chips and have a good natter. There is a practical reason for me going as well to do any jobs she cannot manage, but also to help her shower and make sure she is comfortable. She has been given a swivel chair to help her and wall bars for support, but she feels far more confident when there is someone else around to help her. I have also been through the house and cleaned and tidied for her, doing those things she cannot manage herself. All sorted am now home and am shattered. Its been a long day and I have not been so easy moving around today with the arthritis playing up. Oh well we have good days and bad days.

It is so cold here tonight - its on days like this that I am deeply envious of anyone who has a fire; to warm me and the cockles of my soul. oh to have a log fire in this house and to sit before the roaring flames and dream and go to that other place. I do so miss this comforting warming feature of our more traditional homes. The wind has a nasty north wind edge to it. Such a shock when the weather has been so mild it looks as though will be wearing jumpers tomorrow. I intend to make some fat balls at the weekend to put out for the wild birds that congregate in the gardens to the back of the house where I live. Anything to make their search for food easier - sadly there are not as many as there used to be.

I think a mug of hot cocoa made with milk and me getting nestled in my jym jams and thick warm dressing gown is in order. Serious hibernating and snuggle time.

Oh well tomorrow is another day.

Take care wherever you are



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  1. I'm glad your mum is doing well, it must be a real comfort for her to know that you are there though. I've noticed the colder temperatures too and like you I wish I had an open fire or a log burner. I'm thinking of bringing out the wool blankets to put over the arms of the sofas ready for chilly evenings. Hot choclate sounds good too:)


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