Sunday, 6 September 2009

My Weekend

Thursday night I went to see my mum - who had good news. She was being released from hospital on the proviso that she wasn't going to an empty house so I have been babysitting mum this weekend; getting her settled back in and looking after her. She has started to improve no end in the couple of days she has been home, and I have been getting the house under control for her. The occupational therapist is coming to see her tomorrow to see if they can help with various bits and bobs. Fortunately my sister in law has a day off and is going to be with her which I am very grateful for and to let the therapist know mum's vulnerabilities I am also going to pop in at least once a week from work have a meal with her and do any jobs she wants doing. Mum has always been fantastic in her care of both my brother, myself and our extended families. Unfortunately this latest period of illness seems to have knocked the stuffing out of her so she needs a lot of care and attention; one good thing out of this is that my brother and I are communicating and talking through what we think is best for her. One of my concerns is that after caring for everyone for so long then losing Dad last year very suddenly; after cooking for two and now just having to cook for herself that mum is getting to the point where she is not bothering. I have therefore suggested to my brother today that we meet up once a month for a family meal; we thought it might give mum something to look forward to and we could be "a family" - after all a family that plays together stays together and its something that we used to do quite regularly with my Dad's parents when we were younger. Mum is not aware of this yet, but my brother seemed to like the idea and I don't mind cooking at all for everyone. I have two fantastic nephews who I don't get to see half as often as I like so it would be an ideal time to get to know them better, they are both growing so fast.

Have sorted out all the washing and got it dried,and cleaned the house through (after 10 days away it needed sorting) so it is spotless for mum's visitors tomorrow.

Tonight is Mum's first night on her own so I hope she is careful and gets cosy. I have spoken to her on the phone and she seemed content and happy enough. I must admit though I did not like leaving her but I have my own house to see to as well. So hopefully if all goes to plan we will see her mid-week. Because mum hasn't been well she hasn't been able to pay her weekly visit to the cemetary to put fresh flowers on my father's grave,so we did this on our way home and sorted it out and made it tidy.

I did have a good time with mum though - in one of our chats I asked her to show me how to make the fire-lighters - she showed me how to make them as a child and I used to help make these for laying the fire place in readiness for lighting. We used to make a scuttle full of them at a time. I will show how under a separate post.

Its getting very back endish - autumn is starting to bite. The evenings are getting dark early and there is that nip in the air - soon will be jumper weather full time.

Whilst I have been away OH has managed to flood the kitchen out - guess whose got to sort it out. Men!

Catch you all soon



  1. You are at a place with your mother that I miss.I have added myself as a follower, if it is ok?

  2. Alette of course it is okay you are more than welcome I hope you enjoy



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