Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Orange and Clove Pomanders

I have a batch of small clementines of which I am going to make some curd with some but a few I thought I would prepare now and get one more job off the Christmas to do List.

The project is from a book by Stephanie Donaldson called "Aromatic Gifts" ISBN No 1 85368 600 X.

I thought I would give the instructions now and it will give some of you a chance to collect your ingredients together in order to have a go. The pomanders are cured in a spice mixture which are very fragrant and ideal for the festive season. Don't throw the pomander away once the scent has gone simply pop them in some warm water very briefly and then dip them in the remains of the spice mixture turning them regularly. The spice mix although it sounds a lot can be used for several batches of these pomanders and also for re-curing ones that had previously been made.

You will need the following ingredients and items:

100g/4 oz powdered cinnamon
50g/2oz powdered cloves
15g/ 1/2 oz powdered allspice
15g/ 1/2 oz powdered nutmeg
25g/1 oz orris root powder

A thick darning needle or a thin knitting needle
6 unblemished thin-skinned oranges
100g/4oz best quality whole cloves
Cling film
Gift packaging (if you want to give as a gift)

Mix all the spices and the orris root together in a bowl. Pierce a line of holes round half an orange and stud with cloves making sure that you keep them fairly close together, but allowing enough room for shrinkage. Repeat this process until the whole of the orange is covered.

Place the orange in the bowl of mixed spices tossing the oranges gently so that the whole surface comes into contact with the cure. Repeat this process with each orange you do. Pop the oranges into the spice mix once covered and put cling film over the top of the bowl. Leave for about a month, making sure that you turn the oranges daily for one month. They will then be ready to remove from the spices and use.

Wrap the finished pomander in muslin and then two or three layers of gold and silver net tie with gold ribbon and bells and hang them on your tree to scent the room or to give as a gift to friends.

I intend to have a go at these this weekend and will post photo's then.

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