Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tefal Jam Machine

I bought this last year from Lakeland and I am really chuffed with it. I used it a lot last year and then lost the instructions this year. I wrote to Lakeland and they very kindly have provided me free of charge a replacemet booklet. Yes the machine is expensive, but the beauty of it is as far as I am concerned is that it will quite happily make jam whilst you get on with something else. With me working full time, time is quite literally precious, especially when I want to get such a lot of stuff put down in the pantry for the winter months and to give as presents. Therefore to me becuase I make a lot of jam etc. this little machine helps maximise my time it can make a batch of jam inside 40 minutes from scratch.

Anyway earlier on this week I decided to have a go at using the steam juice extractor attachment to the machine to see whether or not I was actually satisfied with the results. The machine deals with small quantities but deals with things quite quickly. I therefore processed crab apples and for 1kg of fruit I managed to get a pint of pink juice. I subseqently have strained the juice obtained through a lined sieve and am quite pleased with the result, although it is not as transparent as jellies made by the traditional boil and drip overnight through a jelly bag method. But still quite pleasing. This little machine works well and would be ideal for a beginner to learn to use - the jam actually sets quite quickly without having to boil forever and so far the results I have had have been extremely good. At the end of the day this little machine will pay for itself because I am using it so much. I have also got a batch of crab apple butter out of it as well. I am now looking into doing syrups and cordials in this fab little machine.




  1. I wish we had something like this in the states.

  2. Hi Trica,

    I am glad you are getting so much use out of the jam maker, as you know I bought one last year when they first came out and have also used it extensively, I just wish we could make chutney in it!!!

    I made strawberry and plum jam and this last week marmalade.......I have fruit in the freezer which I will process later for blackcrrant, more strawberry and also some raspberry jam.

    I have not used the juice extrcation myself as yet.


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