Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cinnamon sugared nuts (Naughty Nibbles)

I am a bit of a cinnamon nut (excuse the pun) its one of those spices that you absolutely love (I adore it) or you hate it. I like aniseed too.

Now these I really do make every year they are so scrummy - any nuts can be used but favourites are Hazlenuts and Almonds - the trouble is they are so moorish that once you start eating them .... I first had these at Lincoln Christmas market where they were served hot and warm, probably the best way to serve them but they are delish cold as well. I liked them so well that I looked around for a recipe and came up with this one.

They can be used for snacking or as a posh accompaniment to that really nice after dinner coffee or alcoholic coffee like Irish Coffee. Really they should be classified as naughty nibbles.


1 egg white
450g/1lb assorted nuts such as pecans walnuts almonds and peanuts
75g/3 oz caster sugar
pinch of salt
2.5 ml/ 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
pinch of grated nutmeg


Whisk the egg white with cold water (approximately 1 teaspoon of cold water until nice and frothy (I prefer to use a balloon whisk for this as it really froths egg white up very quickly)

Add the nuts sugar and salt and spices and stir well until well coated.

Spoon the mixture evenly on to one or two well greased edged baking sheets spacing out well then cook at a low heat of 110 degrees C/225 degrees F or gas mark 1/4 for one hour move around and stir around the tray every 15 minutes or so - so say a minimum of 3 to 4 times.

Store in an air tight container for up to three weeks. (How about making them the week before Christmas so that you don't miss making them in the rush with the cooking before Christmas)

Its worth making a couple of batches of this whilst the oven is on such a low temperature.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



  1. Now these sound really good, I'm a big fan of both cinnamon too. Aniseed is something else I love, do you remember aniseed balls? Wonder whether they are still made these days.

  2. These are a must do!

    I too adore cinnamon and when the heating is on in the winter I have two old aluminium butter dishes that I put boiling water in, then add some cinnamon, nutmeg and a few drops of vanilla and set them on the radiators. Smells divine! I do use other bits too, but that combo is my absolute favourite :-)


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