Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ginger Cordial

This home made syrup is lovely in a whisky, or as a drink with either cold or hot water, used in fruit salads to give a bit of a zing in sorbets and ice creams etc.


50g/2 oz peeled fresh root ginger grated
225g/8oz granulated sugar
1 level teaspoon of tartaric acid
1/2 a lemon washed and sliced

Takes about 10 minutes to prepare, plus standing time.
Makes about 4 pints

Put the ginger sugar tartaric acid and lemon in a large glass bowl cover with 4 pintes boiling water and stir in the sugar until it has dissolved then leave for 3 to 4 days in a cool place.

Strain the cordial through muslin then pour into bottles and seal. I sterlise by putting jars in hot water bath complete with their lids and covering completely with water and process for about 30 minutes to extract any air. Then allow to cool

This syrup can be used after a few days. Once the bottle is opened store in the fridge; there are two reasons for this one to keep it nice and cold the other to make sure that it has no opportunity of "going off".


  1. This sounds lovely, does it have to be sterilized? I've never done the water bath method and am rather nervous of it! I have the Grolsch bottes and wonder whether it wouild be OK in those without sterilizing?

  2. The original recipe did not sterilise by putting in a water bath, but I have taken to doing this as a matter of course as a few years back I had a go at doing pomegranate syrup without water processing afterwards and it went off before I could use it, so I tend to do this as a matter of course. I think the water processing just removes the air and extends the shelf life. It is not complicated, you would be able to do it quite easily you just have to take a little time and be careful that the bottles don't touch each other. I use a tea towel/dischloths to pad the bottom of the pan and to stop the bottles touching each other which helps minimise any breakages. If you have a nice cold larder which I don't (another reason for water processing) then so much the better it should keep quite well. I would love a really big old fashioned larder that is nice and cold! You should be okay with the Grolsch bottles - I have some lurking somewhere now where did I put them!

    Take care




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