Wednesday, 11 November 2009

In Memory of My Granddad

Today would have been my Granddad Horace's birthday. He was a big baby according to my Great Granddad's bible some 16lbs in weight. What a whopper no wonder my Great Gran had a heart condition. He was born in London in the sound of Bow Bells on the 11 November 1900.. He was the most patient of men and I never ever saw him lose his temper. He was a most lovely man and I miss him and so much. He used to keep us entertained by playing the Banjo or the squeeze box as youngsters. He was exceptional at playing both.

So here's to you Pop, remembering you on your birthday.

Your crazy granddaughter



  1. I am remembering my Dad today, he died Nov 11, 1991. He was also very patient man, give him a pencil and could draw almost anything, it looked so easy when he did it. Patricia

  2. It sounds as though your grandad survived WW1 as mine did - he shared a birthday with my auntie Winnie, she was born on November 11th too but in 1918.

  3. Pop was a Fitter by trade and so he wasn't allowed to serve in the regular forces being a skilled man. It didn't stop him joining Dad's Army though and he did his bit in other ways too. My Nan and he took in two refugee children from Liverpool - sisters Rita and Brenda and they kept in touch right up until my Nan passed. (Brenda I think went back to Liverpool and settled there whereas Rita married and settled in Canada believe Toronto or round that area. Rita and her husband came over to stay when I was a teenager and I got to know them well. They are really lovely people.

    Pop worked for 55 years for the same company what was Rustons Engines in Lincoln (It was known by another name before then)He started as a fitter and left 55 years later still as a fitter having trained nearly every single member of the Managing Board.

    Whenever I see a traction engine I often wonder if my Pop had his mits round them as he used to build and word on these.

    When Pop retired he had a yearly Christmas Job as Santa Claus for about 5 years afterwards. He never ever gave in and was always very active. A very ecclectic shy chap but very interesting all the same.



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