Monday, 16 November 2009

My Sunday

Well it was a hectic one. I eventually got the kitchen all scrubbed out the chip pan cleaned and new oil put in and various other bits and bobs. Lots of cleaning but a lot has been achieved. Also managed to start off my mint syrup and also make 8 jars of the apple, parsnip and ginger chutney. Another one that tastes really proomising, just needs to mature for a few weeks now. The recipe said light brown sugar I have used a dark brown sugar and it looks quite effectiveAlso started off a batch of grape wine this evening as well. Have managed to get loads of washing done as well.

Then for tea we had roast lamb with home made mint sauce, mashed potato, peas, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato with rosemary, roast potato, stuffing balls, and roast parsnip with gravy and then to finish chocolate gateau. Very yummy it was too.

Tomorrow night I am at a friends home, but when I get back in will probably finish off the ginger beer batch and put it to chill before starting off the next batch. Think will make some apple pop as well as am quite partial to that too. With a bit of luck might get a couple of batches of each in before Chrimbo.

Hope your new day is everything you want to be.

Take care


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