Monday, 9 November 2009

Update on Crab Apple Jelly

I have quickened up the process of making the crab apple jelly with the aid of my Tefal jam machine. I have tried using the machine itself, but it only makes in small quantities, where more often or not I have large quantities to process; so the second time I had a go I actually processed the apples with water in the preserving pan until soft and pulpy and then put it through the jelly net to drip overnight. The reason for this is that I can get a couple of batches of different things from the pulp left over, either a crab apple butter/membrillo or crab apple cheese. The juice is much quicker to process in the machine and comes out a lot clearer because it has been through the jelly bag. I put 2 pints of juice together with 1lb sugar per pint for the jelly and then process as per the machine's instructions; the beauty of this machine is that if you need a little longer to get the jam to set you can set the machine in small increments The machine is ideal if you only have small quantities of fruit to deal with, but I usually end up with a lot to do in a short space of time.

Please see photos below of the second batch of jelly - it is a beautiful cheery Xmas colour and clear. I was very pleased with this.

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  1. Crab apple jelly is such a gorgeous colour isn't it? You obviously like your jam maker, I've heard of their existence but somehow I wouldn't feel as though I'd really made jam unless I did it in a preserving pan. I suppose though that it would be useful if you only have small quantities of fruit. Nice to have you back online, I've been too busy to do any commenting recently but hopefully am back on track again now.


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