Saturday, 14 November 2009

Well what a day and night its been orrible here but I think we have been very lucky compared to some parts of the country are concerned. Proper wintery weather. Yes we need the rain but we seem to be getting it all at once rather than spaced out like we used to. I do hope everyone is safe and comfortable and that you don't have to travel far.

Mind you I have spent of the day at the hairdressers having my hair re-ackerfurbitated and tidied up. Have had some of the length chopped out and layers put in so hopefully now will have the option of wearing it down and up rather than up all the time. My hairdresser bharrea who us Yougaslavian and had to flee her home country during all the troubles is a very good cutter, needless to say because I haven't been for a year or so I got a good telling off, but haven't been able to afford until now. But I need to look tidy for work not like the wild woman of Peterborough. I am pleased with it and she has worked with my hair which has a lot of natural wave in it and when washed and starting to dry I get loads of little tiny twirly curls, and she has shown me how to get these in by scrunch drying. So am going to have a go - must get OH to replace the fuse in the hairdryer.

Have just stopped for a few minutes. Have had a lazy tea spare ribs and chicken wings and bread and butter. Very tasty. Just felt like a nibbling meal tonight rather than a full blown dinner.

Since then have started on the chores - am busy scrubbing the kitchen out tonight as I have quite a lot of cooking I want to do tomorrow. Have also had the washing machine soap sud drawer to pieces and scrubbed it out and done a vinegar cycle on the washing machine to get it all nice and clean. I do this periodically. One of my ice cream machines the one that does Mr Whippy style ice cream have also had to pieces needs a new plug but that is all scrubbed up ready for action when the plug is on. I have the chip pan to sort out as well and put new oil into as well as scrub the worktops and the kitchen floor which is easier said than done with four cats continually on the prowl, but I cannot chuck them out in this weather.

We have the heating on as well as it has been so bitter. I really miss a proper fire when it is like this, especially a log one with fir cones on top; as they burn they smell really aromatic. Unfortunately I feel the cold quite badly, having Reynauds Syndrome, and Arthritis (which is getting worse) and one or two other symptoms that they cannot give me a condition for so if I get cold it takes me a long time to work up and it usually signifies that I am sickening for something. Trying to keep a happy balance at times is not easy. But then I am lucky compared to so many. My Mum was told by a Romany Gipsy when I was little that I would be extremely lucky!

For tomorrow evening we have roast lamb when we will have our Sunday Dinner. Beefburgers for snack mid-day.

Well had better get on as this won't get the kitchen cleaned.

Catch up with you all again very shortly.

Take care



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