Sunday, 8 November 2009

Work in Progress

I have another project in hand at the moment; I have started off a new crotchet bedspread for a single bed.

Yes I am a bit of a butterfly tend to have a couple of projects on the go at once fluctuating one to the other, but I have this pretty yellow rose bedding set with matching curtains already and I just chanced upon the coloured wool at the right price (for the centre part of the squares in yellow and green). I plan to finish it off with cream edging so have really been taking advantage of and making use of what has come my way, it will also help nearly complete the soft furnishing side for the single bedroom. I just have to sort out furniture pieces now. Although I am mulling over the idea of collecting pretty yellow lemon, cream and green prints to have a go at making a crazy patchwork bedspread too. Have never done one but quite like the idea of doing this. To think this colour scheme all stemmed from the first needlepoint kit I managed to complete.


  1. Hello: found your blog via Silver Sewer. After reading some of your older entries, you brought back so many memories of food that I use to eat as a child in England. Roe on toast, as you say, was our Sunday tea. Theflapjacks too, Mum used to make them, I am going to make some this coming week. Bread and dripping, my sister an I woud try and get the most "jelly" from the dish, Mum would make hers from the roast.
    I am interested in quilting at the present time, I have also enjoyed embroidery,cross stitch and knitting, never did care too much for crochet.
    When my two daughters were young I made most of their dresses. When my grandchildren were younger I made a lot of their knitted sweaters, hats and mitts, the youngest, now 7 yrs, is the only one that wants Grandma's home made clothes.
    There is a bright light on the horizon, as one of my granddaughters will be having her baby in March, so I can now get my knitting needles out again. You can be sure that I will come back to visit again, I am going to "Follow" you on my blog. Patricia

  2. Hi Piece by Piece and welcome to my random ramblings. I am glad I have re-awakened some memories with my good old fashioned cooking, it was/is all good honest food that does you good. I value home made things far more these days than when I did as a youngster, sadly not many people do these days, but its lovely that you have a new youngster due in the spring and no doubt there will be a lovely knitted something for the little one. You are more than welcome and I hope you enjoy.

    Take care lovely to hear from you




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