Saturday, 5 December 2009


One of my earliest memories was as a child being brought into Peterborough to do some shopping from Uppingham. All was hustle and bustle , people going about their business scurrying around buying little presents for their loved ones each of them searching for that something a little bit different. The sound of the Sally Army Brass Band playing - and the smell of chestnuts being toasted on a brazier. Today some 48 years later I have been shopping with my mum for her Christmas shopping - everyone is hurrying and scurrying about, looking for those bargains and presents for their loved ones and the Sally Army were playing in the Centre. Things haven't really changed, the spirit of christmas is in the air and there were chestnuts being roasted on a brazier. I wanted to stop and buy some but mum wasn't interested so I didn't indulge. I was carrying her shopping as she now has to have a trolley to get about. She does very well considering.

Roasted Chestnuts have always been a treat for me - having first being introduced to them by my darling father. I wasn't so keen to start with but their toasty smokiness gradually won me over and I now love them to bits. They are an essential ingredient to my Christmas preparations. My Dad would not have hesitated; he would have been straight in there and had some.Its little things like this - precious memories that I remember in the run up to Christmas - time marches on but those passed over are ever utmost in my thoughts especially at this time of year.

Anyway to the Chestnuts , as a result I have bought a net of Chestnuts to roast - I have a special Chestnut roaster for an open fire(which I cannot use here as we do not have an open fire - but its something I aim on acquiring in the future). Equally I have a proper Chestnut pan which is easier to use on the cooker. It has holes in it and distributes the heat evenly and makes the most scrummy roast Chestnuts. They are not difficult to make. I also have some other ideas on what to use them up for like home made marrons glace and a chestnut pudding as well as for a jam which I quite intend having a go at.

Needless to say I was cream crackered when I got in and very unlike me had no energy at all. I fell asleep on the settee.

Oh well upwards and onwards have lots to do so little time to do it in.

Catch you all soon

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