Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010.01.03 My Day

It has been another quiet day here - it makes a change to actually get to relax rather than chasing around trying to catch my tail, so I am enjoying and trying not to feel guilty.

Yesterdays snow, after falling quite hard after about an hour disappeared and we had no more snow fall, but the temperatures fell round here last night and it was quite slippy this morning. In fact I am not quite sure whether the temperature has increased or not today. I went out to the dustbin this afternoon at about 3 p.m/. and had to tug at it the lid as it was frozen solid. Even the tops of the lids were rhimed up. We are very lucky compared to other areas of the country. This winter to me is very reminiscent of what the winters were like when I was a child, growing up. In particular I remember the winter of 1963 where there were deep snow drifts and roads blocked off. What I do find incredible though is that despite the roads being salted the pavements in this region never are. This is where the most damage is often caused especially to our elder members and younger members alike. For the want of a little more salt it would save a lot of grief. I have just seen this evenings weather forecast for the week and more bad weather is to come. So please wherever you are please take care and keep safe and pop in on elderly neighbours to check that everything is okay with them, especially if they are on their own.

I have been sorting through some bags this afternoon and have found some more projects part finished and also located the threads for finishing off the small lavender needlepoint sachet which is part-worked. I have married some of the work up into bags per project (OH has a habit of moving things but not keeping bits together which kind of exacerbates any attempts at me doing things - he tends to intervene when I am not around instead of leaving things alone).

Well I have a lot of hard work on my hands - but I am sure I will get there eventually. Should all look lovely when completed.

First there is a the lilac and white crotchet bedspread - I have quite a few squares worked already - long term project.

And then there is the single bed crotchet throw in yellows and greens to match bedding.

Then there is the cross stitch sampler I started a few years ago - I need to locate the pattern for this, but I have all the threads - shouldn't take too long once pattern located. There are two more of the flower garlands to work and the border.

Then there is the second cushion centre to be worked in needlepoint - I have made a small start on this.

Then there are three new kits the first is a sister kit to the Brotherswater long stitch kit which is Loweswater.

Then there are two trammed rose needlepoint cushion fronts one in red and one in pink. I have already worked one of them and given it a cream background.

Well thats just for starters I had better get my finger out fast, but I am determined to clear a lot of the backlog in an effort to discipline myself, give myself something to do in these hard financial times, keep my hands and fingers going and create some nice pieces for my home. It might also give me some more room to organise my craft stuff so that I can find materials in the longer term.

Whilst unnearthing these few craft items this afternoon I also found two expensive stamps that I bought a couple of years ago and also my decoupage knife and cards for doing Christmas cards.

I will try and give a report on how much has been accomplished at the end of the month.

Tomorrow it is back to work - and tomorrow evening I will start to take the Christmas decorations down and pack them away to be put back into storage in readiness to be bought out again at the end of the year.

Catch you all again later




  1. You certainly aren't going to be short of things to do this year! It's such a good idea to find and finish UFOs, I made the same decision last year though didn't get very far I'm afraid. I did manage to finish a sampler that had been on the frame for several years though and I've almost done a little petit point picture of Wastwater. Must finish that this month and pull out another one. Evene a couple of things is better than none:)

  2. It must be so nice to know so many crafts! I keep thinking I may try knitting . . . I'd love to do some sort of needlework too, but my hand falls asleep after holding anything quite quickly - the tighter it's held the faster the hand falls 'asleep' so I'm a bit nervous about spending any ££'s.

    Probably best that I get some time in on sewing before moving on to anything else! The machine isn't going to create anything on it's own ;-)


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