Sunday, 10 January 2010

2010.01.10 My Day

Its been a quiet day here in Peterborough today, nothing much doing, no hurry to do anything but just chill for a short while. Most of the snow has melted again, although it is extremely cold out at the moment.

Have got most of the washing done, and dried now that my tumbly drier is working again, so nice clean clothes again.

I sat down for a little while this afternoon as wanted to look through a couple of books at recipes and also a couple of books that I have had for a while.

Wasn't able to get the veg for dinner today from our Greengrocer, we think they have had the weather really bad, living out in the fen but they didn't put in an appearance, and quite frankly I cannot blame them.

We took Missy for a walk down by the river again tonight,and let her blow off some steam; everytime she heard something she yapped, big brave pup that she is. We had her on the lead to start with but then let her off for a while and she kept moving off a little way and then coming back to either myself or OH, she was never far from our feet.

There was quite a bit of wildlife out, the river was frozen solid as was the rowing course, apart from the end bits where it had melted, and which the ducks had gravitated towards. The rabbits were out as well, it made me wonder how they managed to get themselves a meal in this blooming awful weather we have. We also saw two foxes, both came over the frozen river at separate times, we think intent on having a duck or two, but they veered away whilst we were down there. Whereas the snow was really thick last night and no grass was showing through we are now down to the last remnants of the snow, but it is freezing hard so it will be nasty come the early morning.

Of course I forgot to take the camera this evening, so have been unable to capture the wonder of nature. Its always the same.

Missy is settling down, she doesn't like it if one of us goes out of the room and when that person gets back there is a happy little dog tail going nineteen to the dozen wanting a fuss and reassurance that we were there and hadn't left her. At the moment after her run she has crashed out and is in other halfs arms, safe snug and warm, every so often as she dreams her legs twitching in response.

Squeak is being brilliant with her, Tyson is coming to terms in his own time at his own pace. He came and sat on me in the early hours of this morning, wanting a fuss, wanting some warmth and reassurance that everything was okay boy does he weigh a ton. He is currently slumbering under the bed next to the radiator. Merlin, my big white daft moggie is petrified of her, both times he has come into contact with her she has frightened the pants off of him and he has scarpered like he has the devil after him. All Missy wants to do is play and they aren't playing ball.

Poppy and Tinky haven't been introduced yet - although lovely cats, both can be a bit grumpy, but then they are well old.

We have a roast shoulder of lamb currently on the go for tea, just done with a little rosemary and some water under foil to give some flavour and create some stock for a gravy, served with green beans, mashed potato, carrots, cauliflower and cabbage. Am looking forward to this, as have got a little chilly whilst out walking, and I don't know whether I have the cold back that I had at the beginning of the year or a second dose of it, I don't feel too clever at the moment. Will have to keep on dosing myself.

Hopefully will be able to do a little more knitting tonight.

Take care wherever you are, keep warm, keep safe and only travel if you really have to.




  1. Last night our temp went down to -19C no wind- thank goodness. Today we have another sunny day, but alas, not warm enough to melt any of our 10 - 12 inches of snow on the ground. Keep warm.

  2. Just had to say . . . Missy is ADORABLE!! :-)

    Hope that you're feeling better, do take care.


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