Sunday, 24 January 2010

2010.01.24 My Day

Its been quite a leisurely day today, nothing to strenuous, more washing and drying done - have the ironing to do tomorrow night. After making a start on organising some of my seeds into plastic sleeves for my Lever Arch folder we sat and watched a biography programme on Mark Knoppfler. OH and I both like his music a lot. It was quite apt actually as I had bought OH his latest single as part of his Christmas present and it turned out a couple of the songs played were actually on the album which I had bought him. After that finished we sat and listened to the CD. It was extremely good. Really shows the influence of Folk and other types of music on his life.

It was a case of one man and his dog after that.

I then de-frocked the freezer of some items for tea. I took out some lamb chops, carrots,cauliflower, a pheasant, some red cabbage, some pumpkin, some French Pate, and some plums, all for use either today or for the next couple of meals during the week.

I always make my own mint jelly, and another way to use this up is to smear it all over lamb chops, or if using a joint, I usually use rosemary and garlic, and then cover the top with the jelly. It helps give a good flavour to the meat juices from which I make the gravy.

Today We had roast lamb chops with home made-mint jelly smeared all over them, a dash of water and a covering of tin foil cooked gently in the oven. Then had with mashed potato, runner beans, brussel sprouts, carrots, peas, broccoli and cauliflower all served with gravy. Then for pudding stewed plums and custard. Very tasty it was too,

I intend to do pheasant casserole to serve with Mashed potato, carrot and swede puree, roast sweet potato, and cabbage for tomorrow nights tea so that we have something nice and warm to come home too. Tomorrow night is ironing night and I have a big stack of ironing to get out of the way. So I may not get on to here until much later.

Hope everyone has had a good day.

Take care



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