Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010.08 My Day

Well it was another busy day at work today and another cold day. We had several flurries of snow which were quite heavy and then magically they disappeared the sun came out, melted all the snow and we were virtually snow free to all intents and purposes.

We had to nip to the animal feed store which is nearby where I work - just to get some more cat food to keep the moggies happy. I ended up looking around the store at the animals they had there which is fatal. Fortunately we came away without anything apart from a number to ring for my OH. Equally dangerous.

When I got home, my tumbly drier was fixed so I was really pleased to be able to get on with the washing pile that had accumulated during the week. There has been more washing these past few weeks as I and my partner have been wrapping up with extra layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm and we both have fresh clothing every day.

That number was rung, which sounded promising and we then had a journey to Ramsey out in the fens on a very clear night. We were worried about the road being clear as it is a fen road, but surprisingly Peterborough side of the road was as clear as anything. There is a change of councils part way along the road, and it is very noticeable that Huntingdon District Council had different priorities as the road was well snowed up, its a very bendy road at the best of times. We eventually found where we needed to be and went in to have a look. Her owner had three dogs (including Missy's Mum) they were really all lovely natured family animals and Missy is very good natured like her mum. The owner really not want to lose her as she had grown very attached to her. We were both smitten and came away with a young Jack Russell pup, primarily for OH to go fishing with him during the season as a bit of company but also as a family dog. Ostensibly Missy (as she is being called) is OH's early birthday present. We had trouble getting out of the drive of the house in Ramsey and I had Missy wrapped up in my thick all weather jacket with her head popped out under my chin and she travelled as good as gold all the way back to our home for the best part fast asleep. This is one well laid back extremly fussy, curious pup whose tail goes round and round in excitement when you have been out of the room and come back in, by way of greeting. She is approximately 10 weeks old. Her owner said thaqt she was born on the 30 October 2009. Now the fun begins. The cats are a little concerned at the moment, but they always are when someone new comes into the household. But we will get there as I love all of them and am very patient when I have to be. Will post up some photos shortly as wouldn't you know it the camera battery was as flat as a pancake when we got home, and is currently re-charging.

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