Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hottie Botties for toasty warm tozies

Okay I have succumbed to having toasty toes rather than frozen ones. Yes I have bought the hot water bottles out of retirement - not something you tell everyone is it that you have a hottie bottie lurking in the cupboard, let alone two, now literally warming up my bed. OH is not impressed, but then he does not have arthritis, raynauds syndrome etc. and he objects quite vociferously if I dare to stick my cold feet on the back of his legs. Well it's what I thought they were for! !I'm very naughty

Ok you are saying it is not strictly cool and it my affect my street cred (not that it is high profile anyway) but I would rather have my hottie botties to keep me snug and warm than freeze. I think I have an old stone one somewhere as well. Now I think I could make them a little more glamourous think I have some crazy cover patterns somewhere. Now that might be an idea for a present or two later on in the year. Pink Fluffy ones quite appeal!

Now where was that sewing machine.

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  1. I have a hot water bottle too! What's more I knitted a hot water bottle cover for it last winter. Actually they are very 'in' - if you look at magazines etc there are lots of patterns for covers for Hot water bottles and they are available to buy at incredible prices too! I've been using mine ever since the temperatures dropped, you carry on girl!


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