Sunday, 24 January 2010

Household Organisation/The Garden

I am currently trying to organise load of bits and bobs into a Lever Arch file(s) in order of month. I have put dividers in From January to December and any snippets of information relevant for an individual month including recipes, food in season, wild fruits and offerings in season, gardening bits and bobs, winemaking, beer making etc. being put under the relevant section. Well thats the plan, sort an extension of my diary really but very much work in progress. Will be sort of a check list of what I can actually do that month, but whether I actully do it is open to the vagaries of life and of course whether I can afford to do it or not.

I thought that I would take this strategy a step further and try and organise my seed collection, which currently has no rhyme or reason to it, and is just shoved in a box. I therefore thought that I would put the relevant seed packets into plastic sleeves under the relevant months. Where there are a couple of months where the seeds can be sown mark these up by putting in the file "file forwards" on a slip of card or paper directing me to the relevant section (where the seed packet is) so that I can take advantage of the premium sowing times and also add an intervening crop if the opportunity presents itself.

I am very much a novice gardener, but I seem to have been successful in growing stuff from seeds and bringing them up to small plants, its from thereon in things tend to go to pot, but each year I do something it seems to get a bit better, so I think there is some hope for me somewhere. Put it this way it isn't for lack of trying.

I am aiming to organise my time a little better than I normally do especially with me working full time. Growing from seed seems to make more sense to me in the longer term as I don't have unlimited funds. Like-minded friends also do the same and we end up doing exchanges of plants. Growing a few extra plants is also useful to help raise funds for small organisations/charities and it also helps others on a lower income access plants to grow in their own gardens and feed their families. So everyone can really benefit at the end of the day - what I call a win win situation.

At some point I also intend to do a crib sheet for the relevant plants, but first things first lets get the seed packets into the plastic sleeves. I think this may take me sometime, but then if I break it into smaller chunks hopefully I will manage to get everything sorted quite quickly in the scheme of things. I think more and more people are going to return to growing their own veg or salad stuff, and if you have room for raspberry canes, strawberries, apples etc. make the most of your resources and grow them especially with the price of things at the moment. We all have to do what we can do. After all, our efforts are for a better quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones at the end of the day.

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