Saturday, 9 January 2010

Introducing Missy

Hello I'm Missy

Well we have only had her one day so far and she fits in just fine. At the moment she is currently snuggled up on a quilt next to other half fast asleep. You have had a busy day little girl.

Tyson is not a happy bunny - well for the best part he is a grumpy old man, and he has clipped Missy across her snout this afternoon which really upset her. Bless her she went in heart and soul tail swishing backwards and forwards as the household that she came from had cats and Tyson just clipped her. She was just being fussy and curious and in happy to meet you mode. He knew he had done wrong because he went and sat on the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to go to him and when I did he bit me! Give it a bit of time he usually comes round eventually.

The Culprit

We had a better introduction with Squeak

Missy and her touched Noses and sniffed and although her tail puffed up a bit she seemed more accepting of Missy. Squeak was just as nervous as Missy.

Most of the day she has been with OH either sat on him draped round him cuddled in his jacket when we went out just her head peeping out. OH has also spoken to and reassured her previous Mum that she is settling, even to the point where she has christened OH's jacket, which has had to be washed. She is so tiny, but so loving. Here are some photos of her.

And Finally Oh she does love her Dad


  1. Lovely photos, she looks a real sweetie.

  2. What a lovely way to start the new year.

    She looks absolutely adorable!



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