Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Day

It has been a quiet relatively lazy day here at chez pattypan today. True to my word last night I started to continue with a long term piece of craft work i.e. a knitted blanket/rug that I started last year. I am working it in different shades of lilac and white. I had some wool available and it was easy to get at, so I continued knitting into the quiet of the night apart from the clickety click of my needles. I was subsequently late to bed as I lost track of the time. Working and concentrating on my knitted square losing myself in my thoughts and the repetivive rythm of the needles and the wool.

Needless to say I wasn't up early and I was watching the television and the weather forecast (I nearly put knitting forecast!) and was just remarking upon the fact that there seems to a lot of snow about again. I literally turned from the television and looked out of the window and this scene greeted me.

Within the course of ten minutes quite a bit of snow had fallen and large flakes of snow at that and it was beginning to settle. After about half an hour of snowing and stopping it stopped and hasn't started up again since. The roads now are completely wet and it is freezing so I think it will be nasty on the roads tomorrow. The street I live on is one of the main thoroughfares through to the centre of town but it still gets nasty especially when temperatures have been below freezing.

I am feeling a lot better although the cold is still holding on a little. OH is suffering thought it seems to have got its gum boots on with him. I keep on dosing myself. I made a scuttle full of French Onion Soup last night and I had that together with some bread for my lunch today. Full of onion and full of garlic nature's natural antisceptics. It was very yummy and has been very soothing to my throat. I have also had lots of fresh orange juice as well for a vitamin c boost. I would rather eat or drink something that will help with colds or illness than pop pills.

I went to the local shop to top up with a few ingredients that I had run out of and OH decided he was cooking tea tonight (for a change)we subsequently ended up buying a chicken and have had boiled chicken, curly kale, tartiflette and carrots with gravy. It went down very well and the chicken was lovely and moist and very good eating.

I have since been sat knitting again and listening to a film. I am quite content just listening. I have now completed another square and have casted on for the next square. Any remnants of wool left over from the squares are being utilised in the strip crotchet blanket (that I call my rainbow blanket) so I believe that both of these blankets will be finished near to one another which may be some time off yet. Which blanket I work on depends on how much wool I have available at that time - I go between them if I run out of wool. The idea of these blankets is to give me something to do with my limited time during the week. It also keeps my hands moving with the knitting needles and the crotchet (as I have arthritis which is often quite painful).

When I was younger I used to listen to the radio a lot and still do when OH is not around (he is not keen). I sort of remember things from my past and associate it with radio programmes. Mum would always cook Sunday lunch and bake whilst she had the oven on. The radio would ofen be on usually Family Favourites on a Sunday morning which without realising it I used to listen to and take in.

These days, If I am working in the kitchen I always have the radio on usually Classic Gold as it plays quite a mixture of music.

I have found another couple of projects part done Work in progress. I show them as they are at the moment. I intend to get these completed as well.

The first is a long stitch kit "Brotherswater" a Sue Dakin design which I have had for sometime and started a while back and then got distracted from and it fell by the way side. This kit is approximtely half way though so it is a good one to get my teeth into. I already have a couple of these kits already done. When they are all completed I will get them framed all together.

Here is a picture of the completed project and also a picture of how far along I have managed to get with the kit.

The second is a little needlepoint heart worked in purples and lilacs which needs completing and putting with the other ones already completed. They then need making up with pretty back fabric and little lavender sachets to be inserted inside and then hung from coat hangers in the wardrobe to keep the wardrobe and my clothes nicely scented.

I hope everyone is safe and snug wherever you are.

Please excuse me if I disappear for a little while I have things to get on with. Be back soon.



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  1. I have picked up knitting needles this past couple of days. I had some white wool, so now in the process of making a shawl for my granddaughters baby due in March. She knows it's going to be a boy, so will edge it in blue.
    Snow started falling here last night as we were going to bed, still going strong when we woke up and finally let up at 3:30 p.m. DH used the snow blower to rid our drive of about 6 inches of the white stuff. Add this to what we already have on the ground we are looking at close to 12 inches. Is it Spring yet? I am afraid we have a long way to go. It does look so pretty, if only, it would not fall on my drive and on the roads. Patricia


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