Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sorry have been missing

I am so sorry to have been away from my blog for a little while I have had a most horrid cold which I still haven't shifted, I have had two colds in the space of a fortnight and a half, both stinkers, the second one being a lot worse than the other. I spent two days asleep in bed off work and then went back, really before I should have done, but I am hoping am experiencing the tail end of it. Fingers crossed toes plaited. But having colds piggy back as I have has left me feeling very drained and tired and as a result I have had a few early nights to try and get myself recharged. As I tend to loiter on my blog later at night - something has had to give in order for me to rechage.

To make matters worse I have been going spare as my mum was re-admitted to hospital on Thursday and I haven't been able to go anywhere near her which has driven me absolutely crackers and I only live at the end of the road. My lovely brother though has been going to visit her and has been keeping me updated. Why is is that everything happens at once. It has been very frustrating to say the least.

Hopefully will be back in the thick of things very shortly.

Take care everyone.




  1. Not a great start to your year Patty, do hope that your mum will soon be recovered and back home again and that you will feel much better too. Make some elderberry rob in the autumn, it is brilliant for colds, it stopped mine in its tracks, DH wouldn't take any and has been really poorly with it. Take care.

  2. Hope you start to feel better soon.

    It's always a worry when the elderly Parents are poorly.
    Hope your Mum improves too.



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