Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tumble Drier Woes

Working full time I rely quite heavily on my washing machine and tumble drier (well in the winter months) to keep me in lovely clean dried clothes. Well that's my normal expectation, but during the spring and summer months I use my washing line. The other evening I put a load on to dry and went back about 5 times to it not realising there was a problem and my washing was still shall we say slightly damp. Mentioned it to OH who made investigations and then could not decide what the problem was - I told him straight away no heat thought the thermostat had gone (well I am an Engineer's daughter). Tonight it decides to take it to pieces and then says I don't think its the thermostat that looks intact. I think you had better have a word with your brother! (Tumble drier was orignally my brother's and when he upgraded he gave me this one he is a very good brother) Therefore two telephone calls later Brother to rescue. Told OH what he needed to do and yes the thermostat had gone and explained where he could get a replacement. I am therefore hoping - my toes are crossed that I will have a working tumble drier tomorrow evening so that I can clear the washing. Things do choose their times to pack up and I am not keen on having washing hanging round the house to dry at the moment. It would make the house damp and its too cold anyway.

These things are sent to try us my fingers and toes are crossed!

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  1. Hope your tumble dryer is sorted very soon, like you I dry clothes outside on the line whenever I can but in these conditions that's out of the question. Maybe a few bits on a clothes horse round a radiator or the fire? I still have an old wooden one for just that purpose!


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