Saturday, 9 January 2010


Yesterday we more or less got rid of all the snow; it started with a small heavy snow shower early evening quick heavy and silent and then it stopped. However, it was extremely cold. So cold I kept the heating on overnight, as this house is a cold house in any event and despite us having thick quilts on top of the duvet and my hottie bottie I still get very cold; and I didn't want the animals to be cold, bit soft really, but it has paid off becuase the house has been nice and snug most of the day.

I had to get up early morning about 3.30 a.m. and we had had tons of snow at least 2 to 3 inches, a proper winter wonderland with the dustbins wearing white top hats. The quietness at that time of morning, especially with the snow falling is eerie as the snow muffles any natural sounds.

We have had one or two more flurries since then, although the through roads are remarkably clear the local Council have done a good job on them.

Well we took Missy out for a little while this evening, being as she had been cooped up all day in the house. It wasn't really the weather for walking but we took her out for about 15 minutes. I was worried about taking her out because of the snow, she is only little and I didn't want her getting cold. She was quite funny because she kept running off in the snow and then come hurtling back to me, each time asking to be picked up or resting her feet on my shoes or scarf so that she didn't feel the cold of the snow.

There is a little dog in these pictures honest somewhere

Because she is so small as well you don't always see her by your feet - she is very easy to trip over. When we bought her home she had a mad ten minutes playing with her toys - I think the walk woke her up. Since having her food she has been flat out upside down nearly falling off the settee - I think its what you call comfortable.

What a state to get into. She subsequently fell off the settee and had to be rescued. She is now currently fast asleep again with her head on my lap.

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