Sunday, 21 February 2010

2010.02.21 My Day

My Day and my weekend has been a very lazy one as I have felt drained of energy again and so I have rested and slept and not done very much at all which has made me feel a tad guilty as I have so much to get on with. But there we are, the more I rest the better I will get on when I do feel energised. To tell the truth I have felt much better today than I did yesterday. We have had the sun out most of the day although we had snow again overnight. The sun although cold and the lightness of the sky has made me feel much more alive today than I have done for a long time I think and hope that Spring is literally just around the corner and that my days of hibernation are limited, thank goodness Its been chilly here, but then its Winter so its supposed to be cold. But it is enoucouraging to see spikes of new growth amongst the snow ridden borders in the garden and a prompt to get a wriggle on and get organised with my seeds etc so that I can get some early sowings in hand to make the most of the season ahead.

I have bottomed out my bedroom today and put away some ironing (which is now aired). I tend to store my clothes in colour blocks, so it is easier to find what I am looking for. Colour is important to me and it depends what mood I am in as to what colours I wear. If I am really down in the dumps I try and wear a really bright colour like red to try and cheer me up a bit.

I have also cooked tea. OH was happy just to have chicken and chips,but to me Sunday dinner is the main meal of the week - it doesn't matter what we have the rest of the week but Sunday Dinner now that is something different. We have had roast chicken, roast sweet potato with rosemary roast parsnip rost potato, french beans, cabbage, leeks, mashed potato and cauliflower with gravy. Very tasty it was too. This evening I have worked another square for the crotchet blanket I am having a go at and a new stitch which produces a lovely textural design and is a combination of double crotchet and treble crotchet. Will post some pictures when can find the camera.

Monday and Tuesday

I have some ironing to do tomorrow night and also some more washing, so no doubt will be ironing again on Tuesday night too

Wednesday Sort the kitchen


Sort the fridge out and the dining room


Lounge and bathroom

Well thats the plan anyway will have to see how we get on.

Take care everyone




  1. You sound exactly how I have been feeling for the past week or more, down in the dumps.
    For the last three days we have had a big ball of fire in the beautiful blue sky, so it did help but I know we are not free and clear of winter yet. Today the temp went above zero C, however, tomorrow we can expect more snow and the forecast is much the same for the week,---more grey skies---. Some of our snow has melted, and in the front of our house, (it faces south, so the soil does tend to be a bit warmer), I can see some daffodils starting to peak out of the ground ---can Spring be far off? time will tell.

    I need to get started on some Spring cleaning, but can't open the windows just yet.

    Keep warm

  2. Hello Piece by Piece I think you are right although I hadn't really appreciated that I was down in the dumps until the sun shone yesterday. You sound as though you are having worse weather than us back here in blighty. Trouble is in this country because we have got out of the habit of really bad weather the country literally crawls to a stop and people become over cautious and that's when the accidents happen. I hope you and yours are keeping well. How's the blanket going?

    Take care




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