Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hello I am back

Rowan and Elizabeth - I am well thank you and I am I think just about back. Sorry for being missing, but have had quite a lot of things on my plate the last few weeks or so and I haven't been firing on all pistons - its the cold it looks pretty especially if it has been snowing but it gets deep into my bones and slows me up. So I tend to hibernate when its cold.

Today has been an enjoyable day we went to our Butchers at Willowbrook Farm Helpston and have a joint of Gloucester Old Spot pork for tomorrow's dinner. That means oh goody pork dripping for the roasts over the next few weeks. [I might also make a Yorkshire Pud and either a Chocolate Mousse or a Treacle Pudding for afters. Might be naughty and make both] I also bought some back bacon and got some bones for Missy to gnaw on some smoked Garlic and a Game Pie. I thought we would try it as I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not but it went down extremely nicely with some cabbage and mashed potatoes and gravy. So I think I may well be in the next few weeks getting bits together and having a go at making my own. Was very tasty.

When we got back I went to the veg shop and topped up on some more vegetables for the week, sweet potato, celery, 2 bunches of spring onions, parsnips, carrots, broccoli, cabbage and a further 2kg Seville Oranges all for the princely sum of £10 so I don't think I did too badly.

I have also had an Opticians appointment today as I realised my eyesight for close work was starting to deteriorate again. The verdict is that my eyes are healthy and there are no hidden nasties but my eyes are different levels the right eye is 0.50 and the left eye is 0.25. I also have astigmatism in the left eye and dry eyes so I have been prescribed artificial tear drops. Went to Specsavers and have managed to get two basic pairs of glasses for close work - as per their special offer at the moment. I should be able to pick these up on Friday next week. Hopefully then I will stop getting headaches and be able to see to do some of the things like my cross stitch etc.

After that I nipped into the Charity Shop in town and managed to buy two new books. One called Edible Presents to Make by Norma Miller ISBN 0-600-56470-3 and A Taste of the Country by Pamela Westland the two for £5. Its been a long time since I bought anything like this so it was a delightful treat. I also got part 6 in the Art of Crotchet and am slowly making my blanket throw. Will share some more pictures shortly.

I am so very very lucky

Take care



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  1. So glad to see you back Patty, I think the extreme cold that we've been having for so long has put a lot of people in hibernation mode including me. At least in mid February Spring can't be all that far away. I shall certainly be glad to see it.


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