Monday, 15 February 2010

New Books

I am very pleased with the two books that I acquired from the Charity Shop on Saturday.

The first book Edible Presents to Make by Norma Miller ISBN 0-600-56470-3 covers quite a lot of occasions including Christmas, Special Days, Special Occasions, Presents for Keeps, Surprise Presents, Bazaars and Fetes and Packaging. Recipes cover Orange Brandy Butter, Tropical Relish, Blackberry Vinegar, Sloe or Raspberry Gin, Candied Pumpkin, Whisky Mincemeat, Spiced Oranges, Orange Turkish Delight,Easter egg monsters, Pumpkin Pie, Jigsaw Fudge, Tipsy Marmalade, Garlic Cheese, Pineapple Butter, Sugar Mice and Toffee Apples and is quite a nice little book. Think this one will be very useful in the coming months.

I am very fond of Pamela Westland Craft and Cookery books and I have quite a few. Saturday I gained another one of hers called Taste of the Country, making the best of home produce. It was printed in 1974 SBN No 241 02466 8. It has some lovely seasonal recipes in as well as a good selection of preserving recipes including Rhubarb and Gooseberry jam, Gooseberry Jelly,Apple and Date Preserve, Goosebery Curd and chutney Grape Jelly, Pear Marmalade, Pear and Apple Jam, Pumpkin Prserve, Bramble Jelly and Blackberry Curd to name but a few of the Recipes. Think this one is also going to prove very useful later in the year.

And Today the Book Club Man at work paid a visit. From the Book People and I have another one of the River Cottage Handbooks, Handbook number 4 The Veg Patch by Mark Diacono for £4 so I am extremely chuffed On first browsings it looks really good so I think I am going to enjoy dipping in and out of this little book quite a lot. It should have been £15.00. The ISBN No is 978-0-7475-9534-2.

I have been on and they have a delicous selection of books at greatly reduced prices, including Hugh Fearnely Whittingstalls latest book at £9.99 for those of you wishing to save money.

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