Monday, 15 February 2010

Random Photographs

Just a few photographs of Missy. She is getting a bit cute with the camera. Everytime I get her in the frame to take a photo does she move and we end up with bits of her or not at all - case of now you see her now you don't. Everyone falls in love with her. Even Tyson my Ginger Tom is getting better with her and they stay in the same room now without any fighting. Still work in progress, but with kindness we seem to be getting there.


  1. Hehehehe, liking the 5th photo the best...butter wouldn't melt :-D

  2. She is adorable but very much has a mind of her own and trys it on every so often she has a lot of attitude but that seems to be part and parcel of any animal I have ever had - even the love bird was trying to escape out of hatch to the seed pot tonight, kept banging with his beak - Fortunately I had taped the pot lid down we have come home to him flying around the front room before now.

    Take care



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