Monday, 29 March 2010

2001.03.29 My Day and Plans

Its been a cold day here in Peterborough today and it has rained. The dampness has made my joints stiff and I have been moving around rather gingerly throughout the day, at one stage getting so stiff I had to get up from my desk and move around. Needless to say have had the heating on again to keep warm. I also think with putting the clocks forward an hour it always takes it out of you for a few days until the the inner body clock adjusts.

I am looking forward to Easter and a few days at home to play catch up and do some of the things have been putting off for a while and doing a bit of cooking. I like time to play and don't get as much time to indulge as I would like. I also want to make another batch of sweet onion and garlic chutney which is absolutely delish - its one of my favourite preserves. I have a sack of onions that is throwing up the odd onion in shoots, so rather than waste them I tend to do a batch of a preserve like this which goes with anything and is particularly good with cheese, without wasting anything. I then go and get a fresh net of onions from the local shop. A large sack only costs a couple of pounds. I use onions a lot.

I have done some more washing tonight and got the clean washing loaded into the tumbler, and have saved on those items that don't need ironing by putting them straight onto hangers as soon as the tumbler has finished, and then putting them up to air before popping them back into the wardrobes/drawers. I do love the scent of clean washing, although I prefer if I can to get the stuff out on the line to dry. I still air everything and even have an old style wooden clothes airer that is in three parts and opens out. Makes a very good tent for youngsters to play in once draped with an old sheet or blanket so the little uns can play in relative safety. Ideally, I would like one of those Victorian Airers that goes up into the ceiling but I don't have room here. They are very practical for getting clothes dry, and aired. They are also useful for loading up with saucepans and pans, and for drying herbs and dry flowers on. Very practical.

We had the remnants of the Sunday dinner fron yesterday for tea. I went out to lunch with a friend today and had lasagne for my lunch. OH therefore had a cooked Sunday dinner again, and I had the remnants of the Rib of Beef in a sandwich with some onion relish. Very tasty and as I wasn't very hungry it filled the space.

Think it will be a scratch meal for tomorrow night. Probably egg, bacon and sausage with tomatoes or beans. I have quite a bit to be getting on with.

I do need to get some little easter eggs tomorrow as I plan on doing some cup cakes with a cream swirled topping giving the idea of a nest and then placing two or three eggs in the top. I have managed to find a couple of my fancy baking tins, one a tray of half eggs and the other bunny rabbits, as well as the lamb cake tin that I got last year. Am looking forward to having a play.

I have been following Raymond Blanc's Kitchen secrets and tonight he dealt with bread. I noticed that he used a Kenwood Mixer to actually make his bread with, so might have a play at the weekend. I would also like to have a go at making some home made pasta. Must remember to get some ricotta and some spinach as well as some goats cheese later in the week. Would like a piece of lamb for dinner on Sunday, and also some fish for Good Friday with a poached egg on top. Just simple fare that has stuck for this particular celebration from my childhood.

So am planning, one or two things, will have to see how we get on.

Catch you all later.



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