Monday, 1 March 2010

2010.02.28 My Day

This weekend I have hardly spent any time at home as was out all day on Saturday with very good fiends and I had a lovely day.

Sunday it was time for a little shopping - I haven't done any for a while and so went to Morrisons for a change I managed to get well stocked up with some basic bits and bobs, I try and buy ingredients for making things from scratch rather than pre-prepared stuff. I predominantly got some veg and quite a bit of meat, and I have managed to match quite a bit of meals together to cover the whole week together with what I already have in the freezers and the pantry. I intend to go to the veggie shop at the end of the week as I need a tray of eggs and some fruit.

Sunday instead of a roast I bought two rib eye steaks, some oyster mushrooms, salad leaves, coleslaw, tomatoes and made some home made chips and fried some onions. I cooked everything apart from the chips on my griddle. It was very delish.

I am out tomorrow night so it will be a scratch tea - I think we will probably have some ham buns, trifle and the rest of the donuts (I got two boxes for £1.) All told I spent about £70 - I managed to get a silverside roast, and a pork joint, the two rib eye steaks (£6.40 for the two) and they were big, some stewing steak for a stew later in the week, together with some dumplings plus lots of other veggies (I don't usually buy them from the supermarket but I missed the veg shop on Saturday because of being out), and quite a lot of other things to boot. I also bought, bread, toilet rolls, arborio rice, some goats cheese etc. (I might have a go at a rissotto of some kind latr in the week maybe squash and goats cheese) So the fridges are now nicely stocked up with lots of fresh goodies. I will need some butter and more milk so may send OH off to Farm Fresh later in the week to pick up some more bits.

I also indulged in a couple of new magazines (well new to me). The first is the Good Food guide Eat Well magazine and Good to know Recipes and the Womans Weekly Cook with Use Recipe magazine. There are quite a few nice ideas, with simple cheap meals all the family will enjoy. Am going to enjoy trying some of the recipes therein.

Hopefully catch you all tomorrow.

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