Monday, 1 March 2010

Gentle Sunlight

What a wonderful way to wake up this morning with wonderful heart-wearming sun rays seeping through the cream roller blind in the bedroom and illuminating every nook and crannny. I never have the curtains drawn just the blind down, and in the summer not even that and the windows are open during the day an at night. I love fresh air to run right through the house but not when its cold.

How heart warming after many days of darkness and cold that seeped right through the core of me to my bones. I hadnt realised just how much I have missed the sun this long hard winter, but I was grateful for the gentle wake up call and watching the sun beams play upon the window blind as I gradually came to this morning. Gentle sunlight always helps lift any lurking clouds and makes me feel so alive and ready to get on with things. Its surprising what gentle sunlight can do it always casts a different perspective on things and helps me feel much more positive. Even if only for a few days it is lovely to see the sun again after what seems forever. I think many people have greeted him like a long lost friend. Lets hope we have him around a little more during the coming weeks ahead, to warm our soil so that we may grow our crops and keep us warm.

May the suns beams lighten up your life wherever you are

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