Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Monday Evening

Well the best laid plans of mice and men. I was due to go out this evening but unfortunately it has been cancelled as the lady who was due to take me got caught up in Leeds and would not have been back in time.

I was quite disappointed as I was so looking forward to going out.

Therefore disappointed but not out I set too and bottomed the pantry out - well the fridges got done yesterday and sorted out so that we could find what was in the fridges so the pantry needed tidying up too. Tomorrow night I shall start on the kitchen - I intend to start the spring cleaning this week too to make the house clean and tidy and sweet smelling again, and that includes scrubbing up the cooker too. Think we shall be having stir fry of some description for tea tomorrw night, its quick easy and makes the most of fresh vegetables and frozen veggies alike and its tasty and filling. I intend to do a little baking this coming weekend with a bit of luck I intend to try and get back into baking mode again in the coming weeks ahead. I thought if I only did a couple of things to start with if I make double the quantity I can use one lot and then freeze a batch and try and increase what I do each time - we will have to see how things pan out. There are also a couple of recipes I want to try out in readiness for Easter, so I intend to work a little and experiment and play time in there somewhere as well.

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