Friday, 26 March 2010

More Gardening Bits and Bobs 2

I had a few pennies spare again this week and ever mindful of my stomach and the fact that I want a proper kitchen garden I have acquired a few more bits and bobs courtesy of Wilkinsons and the Pound Shop.

As we have been having better weather I thought I would save on using the tumble drier where I could and get the washing out in the fresh air. The washing always smells so much fresher once it has had a good blow outside, only problem was my washing line kept breaking. I have therefore bought a bright blue washing line and some new pegs in white pink and blue so that I can make use of the better weather and save my energy bills. For £2.75 I have a 30 metre line and 48 brand new pegs. Now all we need is the better weather. Its been raining here again on and off all day.

Today I have invested in 12 asparagus plants for £8. It is indicated not to crop them in the first year, but only start picking from the second year, so although not an immediate return this year, they should if they grown go on to produce asparagus for the next 15 years. These are the only plants I have bought today.

So to recap I have already:

First Early potatoes
Golden Shallots
2 Rhubarb
1 Horseradish
Mixed Mushrooms

I have however bought some jute string and some plant labels and a couple of fleece blankets for protecting crops.

I am going to try and get a few things each week. Still on the list to acquire are:
2 more rhubarb different variety
1 more horseradish plant
Elephant Garlic
Button Mushrooms
Strawberry Plants
Grapes white and black
Maincrop potatoes

I also would like
Rambling Roses

Thats just for starters.

We will have to see how things go on, but I am determined to get the Kitchen Garden up and running as anything I can grow will help assist with food for the family whether it be in the freezers, or pickled, bottled, jammed or dried or turned into plonk. Its the squirrel instinct coming to the fore again. I may not be the most adept gardener out there, but I am going to learn what I can, and try and grow as much as I can to try and keep my family healthy. I can but only try.

If it is fine tomorrow the herbs are going to be set from seed - I use a lot of herbs during the year. Hey ho will have to see what tomorrow will bring. Note to myself - must check weather forecast!

Catch you all later

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