Tuesday, 9 March 2010

This evening

Well its been cold here today very cold just when I thought Spring was on her way in again, winter comes swirling round again to bite us all on the bum and to keep us on our toes.

Have had a busy evening tonight; on Sunday evening we had stew, we were meant to have some roast beef but it was solidly frozen so I popped it out to defrost and cooked it tonight for tea. The bottom of my fridge gets very cold and sometimes we get solid frozen veg in the bottom of it. Wouldn't normally do a roast during mid week but it was very tasty and warming and I did not want to waste the meat. We have had roast beef done on a bed of mixed vegetables which absorbs the meat juices and in turn is mashed down and put through a sieve to create the basic stock for a gravy which is very tasty. It was then served with sweet roast potato, roast potato, mashed potato, brussel sprouts, peas broccoli and carrots and was extremly scrummy. Although I haven't achieved much by way of doing things this evening at least we have had a lovely hot meal. There is just enough cold beef which should do a few sarnies or wraps for the other half to have for tomorrow. Either that or will serve up cold with some of my stored pickles/chutney and home made chips for tomorrow evening's tea. The jury is still out as I am out for a few hours tomorrow night.

Catch you all soon



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