Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuesay is Book mooching day

I don't normally meet anyone uring my lunch hour on a Tuesday an I usually nip into town, its a good 15 minute walk from the office I work in to get into town. The exercise does me good.

Tuesday is usually book mooching day when I pop into the cheapie book shop, W H Smith's Waterstones and have a browse on whats on the shelves. Its nice to see whats available and sort of have a loose plan as to what I will keep on the wish list and which books I really am interested in and then try and save up or wait until there is an offer on. Unfortunately I just cannot get used to CD books they are not tactile like the written page, the feel the touch the smell and the story that unfolds between the pages.

At present I have my eye on a Bob Flowerdew book at the moment,its a gardening book but has lots of preserving ideas and recipes in it I think it was called Eat it Grow it or some such like - I know the book when I see it. I have also seen a couple of further preserve books, but I fear I will be a little while in acquiring those, will have to wait and see how the pennies span out.

Books and magazines of varying descriptions and someone else's take on how they do things are all very interesting and sometimes I end up taking someone elses idea that step further and putting my own stamp on things.

Its good to read and to re-create.

Happy playing

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