Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Its been a lovely sunny day again here in Peterborough (although we woke to a thick frost) and its been a bit warmer of late, but it has gone really chilly again tonight.

Well I set too when I got in this evening and cooked a nice hot meal. We had steak pie, gravy, mashed potato, steamed kale, and carrots. Very yummy it was too. We managed to sit down for about 7.30 p.m. which wasn't bad going as I did not get in until about 5.45 p.m and didnt start cooking until about 6.20 p.m.

At dinner I was free as I didn't meet anyone and I went mooching round the market. We have quite a good fabric store there and there are often quite reasonable offers on ends of line with fabrics often being about £1 or £1.50 a metre. The trader sells both fabrics for dressmaking and also furnishings such as curtains. More recently has had some furnishing fabrics available and today I spotted a pile of remnants sold at £3.50 a piece. A couple of the pieces are badly marked, but as the plainer golds have been bought more for backing cushions or smaller projects and he reduced the price even further. I thought I was doing well at £14 for four pieces with quite a length in each but in the end got them for £12.50. So I don't think I did too badly.

Will probably bring the fabric home with me tomorrow night There is a rather pretty Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady fabric which I haven't come across before with big Dog Roses on but that will be used somewhere in my bedroom as I have quite a selection of bits and bobs based on this theme for my bedroom. I also got a very pretty Dorma cotton fabric. All the fabrics were in pinks and golds. I love fabrics. He also sells feather boas in black, lilac, lime green and shocking pink. I asked how much these were today and he said £4.99 apiece and they are about a good metre long. In John Lewis they would be about £10 apiece. So if you need a feather boa head for Peterborough market.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of some appley limey green gingham - I quite fancy this colourway for my kitchen, but so far have only come across the deep bottle green gingham (or racing green as it is often called). Any pointers would be gratefully received.

I also purchased one lonely Rhubarb plant from Wilkinsons for £1.98. I am hoping to get some more on Friday to set up a rhubarb patch. They had also got some horseradish so I might get some of that as well.

I am hoping it is going to be fine weather this weekend as I would love to get out into the garden to start tidying up and getting sorted a bit. Have quite a bit of sorting to do, but if it is sunny and not too cold at least would be able to wrap up and start tidying.

Think it will be a stir fry for tomorrow night's tea I am quite fond of stir fry.

Well upwards and onwards

Take care everyone




  1. Sounds as though you got some bargains there. The Country Diary fabrics are really pretty, I didn't realise you could still get them. We've had the lovely weather here too and I've spent several hours in the garden over the last couple of days. It's wonderful to be outside again.

  2. I LOVE gingham, LOVE it and the apple green sounds like the perfect color for it. Hope you find it, have you used the computer to search for it? Well, happy oncoming spring :) Take care

  3. Rowan

    You can still get the Country Diary fabrics every so often the same as you can every so often get specials on the Country Diary range from Dorma bedding. I wrote to Dorma as I have a super king size quilt and they were basically not prepared to do the quilts in a larger size. I have therefore bought a couple of the quilts and am going to add an edging in either pink cream or green like patchwork strip borders and then add a broderie anglais frill to pretty it up a bit. Its in the to do pile no doubt will get there one day. I think if you check out ebay every so often they also have items available. I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to pick up the Country Diary dinner service and also a full set of 12 month plates. I also have some cross stitch kits in this range as well yet again on the To do list. Will get there one day and will have some very different items to everyone else as a result. I like to collect things together then have a major session with doing things up. I like different.

    Take care



  4. Elizabeth

    No haven't ventured into Internet territory yet have to save the pennies first, but the appley green is a much warmer green and much fresher looking. I do hope I find some eventually. Happy Spring to you as well dear friend.




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