Sunday, 11 April 2010

2010.04.11 My Day

After getting up early to attend a lovely day course yesterday, I had a little lie in this morning. Its generally been an easy going day, have managed to do lots of washing done and managed to get it all dried in this lovely weather we have had over the weekend. I have also been pottering sowing seeds this afternoon and then popping them into my grow houses covered with fleece for extra protection.

This afternoon I have sown

Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen

French Breakfast Radish

Mixed Salad Leaves


Spring Onion - White Lisbon

Mesclun Mixed

Sprouting Pea Shoots

That's for starters. I am hoping to do some more during the evening when I get home from work.

I have a lot of herbs that I would like to get started as well as I have all sorts of plans with what to do with them.

This afternoon we went for a long walk and I have picked some nettles primarily to make some soup, nettle beer, and some nettle wine. I have been reading that the humble nettle is very good in the form of a soup for detoxifying my system, and with me having the arthritis, I thought it might actually help me. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I think I am going to be busy when I get in tomorrow night, processing the wine and the beer.

We had chicken and home made chips for tea tonight. So I am going to use the rest of the chicken in a curry tomorrow night and then make some chicken stock for my nettle soup. I am then going to put a couple of batches in the freezer for later use. I thought I might also blanch some whole nettles for use in home made pasta and as a vegetable in its own right (Poor man's spinach). I am also going to dry some leaves for nettle tea. I have also read that you can dry the leaves and then powder them (like you do with mushrooms) and then add into stocks and stews and things like home made taglitatelle. I also know that traditionally nettles have been used in cheesemaking for wrapping home made cheeses, so I am going to have a little play. The nettles can also be used in gnocchi, quiche and as a substitute in any spinach recipe. I think I am going to be enjoying having a good play. They are also good added to the compost heap as an activator and if you have the room to grow in the garden, they will attract the butterflies in.

I think I am going to enjoy the playing.

Catch you all soon



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  1. Hope your weekend course was enlightening, enjoyable :) Enjoy your gardening, sounds wonderful...ER


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